Two Sides of a
Broken Heart

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Date Venue Location Start
Mar 25 Basorexia Army Live Festival Santos da Casa (RUC) 19:00
May 27 Basorexia Army Live Mercado Negro (Aveiro) 22:00


Basorexia Army is a duet that combines original electronic music with a naturally pop voice. With roots in rock music, Hugo and Afonso use their past experience to put a strong rhythmic component in the songs that make younger audiences dance, as well as those born before the 80's.

This new album tells the story of the natural inner torment of the human race, the fight between good and evil, between the whimsical and serious. The 6 songs proposed by the band fulfill the promise to take the listener on their nature. Between ironic and tense sounds, between sexuality and sensuality the consistency of the themes is also filled with videos that illustrate the existential tension of our lives.

In live performances, Hugo, with his machines and keyboards ensures perfect cloak to Afonso's voice that assume the role of a psycho pop charater.


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